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7 Renowned Furniture Store Logo Designs – Because Furniture Makes Homes

Furniture may only be an item but it completes the house and makes it a home. That is why people pay special attention to the type and quality of the furnishings they buy.Below mentioned are a few renowned furniture store logo designs that have become household symbols of trust and quality through their branding strategies.1. Rooms To Go:
This brand mark consists of a softly edged rectangle with the company name written in it. The entire letter ‘O’s in the name are filled with different colors and the background of the rectangular is dark blue which makes this image difficult to overlook. A factor that sets this design apart from the rest is the small arrow that points towards right which represents the forward direction of the corporation.2. Ashley Furniture HomeStores:
Their business name is encased in a house like shape that consists of the business name in three different types of fonts. The prominent colors in the emblem are blue, orange and yellow which make this image eye catching.3. Pier 1 Imports:
This is one of the simplest designs of all. It contains the business name in straight, dark blue colored fonts which adds a classic and ageless touch to the emblem. It is the uncomplicated crafting of the image that makes it so stylish and distinct. The clever choice of dark blue color shows that customers can easily trust this brand.4. American Signature:
Even though the business name says ‘signature’, the emblem does not contain a signature. Instead, it consists of simple and straight fonts that are accompanied with a small image of a sofa.5. Pottery Barn:
This business name makes you think of thrift stores and bargain avenues but their brand mark presents an entirely new image of the company. It makes the company look high class and chic. The classic combination of black fonts over a white background adds an ageless impact over the design.6. IKEA:
The blue and yellow colors of the emblem along with the thick blue fonts encased in an oval shape is one of the most famous images in the furniture world. The straight and thick fonts of this general store logo have remained consistent throughout the years which have made this a symbol for trust, comfort and reliability.7. American Furniture Warehouse:
Their company name consists of the country’s name which has set the entire theme of the emblem. It consists of the business name in stripes and stars set in the national red, blue and white colors. The small yellow star in the center adds an imaginative touch to the design and makes it magical.In conclusion, before crafting an image for your furniture store, decide on the overall theme; whether you want to make it patriotic, contemporary or loud. Then start the designing process accordingly.

How to Buy Rental Property

It took me six months to find my first rent house, but I worked out a really good deal and I’d like to share with you my steps for finding a good rental property.Pick your tenants firstI started with picking the type of tenant I wanted to have. This is all for where I’m at close to Dallas and Fort Worth. I wanted a larger family that couldn’t fit into a 3 bed 2 bath single family residence (SFR). I wanted a family that had a car and a job that they commuted for. I also planned on kids and pets. I wanted tenants that wanted a good neighborhood with some social standing and with benefits, like a HOA controlled swimming pool.I pick the tenants first, because I can then scan through stuff faster and easier.Pick the intangible thingsNumber one for me was a good school district. I luckily live in a good one and made sure that my rental property was located in the right school district and I also made sure to be in the right county. I live close to the county line and Tarrant county has higher taxes than Denton county. I wanted a home in an HOA. They can be a problem, but they can also be a good thing. I wanted a property that would continually have a good draw for tenants.Most of these intangible things are decided on in picking the general location, type of tenant you want, education level, social standing, standard of living, income level, commuter or not, and family size. Now let me be sure and re iterate that you can NOT discriminate against people, but what you can do is select a product with a much narrower range of customers that are most likely to want it.It’s a numbers gameCost and return on investment are a big deal, so you normally have to look through lots of properties. I think I looked through around 75 – 100. That doesn’t mean I went and saw all these in person, just that they fit my initial criteria. I cut properties out if they don’t fit my criteria. Being more selective lets me cut through the clutter faster and not try to make a deal work. I need to find a deal that works on its own.Investing in a rental property really comes down to a numbers thing. If the numbers do not work out, then the deal does not work out. It’s as simple as that. You need to do your best to try and not let your emotions get in the way. I made that mistake on my second deal and I am still working on fixing it.Maintenance is a big dealOne very important thing to finding a property is also putting in place a maintenance strategy that will cut costs. Most people buy their first property close to their home so they can keep an eye on it. It’s much easier to drive 5 minutes to fix a problem than it is to drive an hour for the same thing. Finding contractors, DIY people, or any other combination of people that will help you take care of your property is something that needs to be figured out while your looking at properties.So just keep this in mind if your going to buy a property that is not accessible for what you want to do.Where to lookNow that I’ve gone over picking what type of rental property you want, let’s talk about where to find that property. I used a real estate agent that was also a real estate investor. The reason is that he was able to give me extra insight about rental conditions, cost of fixing, and the strength of the rental market. Some people argue against this, but I found it to be extremely helpful and he would not be trying to help me buy a house if he didn’t want the commission.Driving around and getting to know the local area is also a really important.I also used several websites. Here are the main websites that I used for my searches. There are more out there, but this is just a few. Just Google them and you’ll find
HUD HomestoreBe sure to look at the same property on different websites as they will have different information on the same property.Also, the county tax office will provide you with important tax information. You can’t forget your taxes!Use an Investment CalculatorI also recommend using an investment calculator like the one I use.

Beyond CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) Light Bulbs

Most of us know that you won’t be able to purchase incandescent (traditional) light bulbs starting in 2012. Considering the energy saving alternatives available, most people have been making the switch to Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) for several years now. Hardware and grocery stores stock their shelves with all kinds of CFLs. They are definitely more energy efficient, but there are several downsides to using them.1. The light emitting from CFL bulbs is lacking in comparison to regular incandescent bulbs.2. The bulbs take a considerable amount of time to reach maximum brightness.3. Small quantities of mercury are in the bulbs. If the bulb breaks, you are supposed to evacuate the room for at least 5 minutes. If you have small kids, this admonition can be scary. You have to be very careful about the disposal of the bulbs. Some jurisdictions do not allow CFLs to be disposed of in municipal trash bins.So what are the alternatives to CFL? LED is the leading alternative. LED bulbs are energy efficient at around 40,000 to 50,000 hours a bulb but tend to be expensive but the potential energy savings range from 82% to 93%. The advantages:1. Lights instantly
2. Easily dimmed
3. Quiet operation
4. Low-voltage power supply which makes them saferThe disadvantages of LEDs do not out-weigh the advantages, but you should be aware of them:1. Currently the variety of LED lighting is limited compared to other types of lighting.
2. Harder to find in some areas where consumers may not be as familiar with the lighting choices.
3. More expensive than regular lighting for the budget conscious.
4. Not a good choice for residential flood lighting.
5. While there are many colors, the quality of the colors is not quite as good as with incandescent lighting.ESL, or Electron Stimulated Luminescence (ESL) lights are a newer alternative that looks promising. They can last up to 10,000 hours), which is about three to four times the lifespan of incandescents and comparable to CFLs. They also produce 50% less heat than incandescents. The advantages are comparable to the LED:1. Lights instantly
2. Easily dimmed
3. Quiet operation
4. Low-voltage power supply which makes them safer
5. Brighter white light than LED & CFL
6. Half the price of LEDsAgain, the disadvantages don’t outweigh the benefits:1. Not as long lasting as LEDs
2. Not widely produced and accessible. Only one company, Vu1, is manufacturing these which could be a problem if they shut down or have a distribution problem.I’m leaning towards ESLs because of their potential and light quality, in addition to the fact that they are less harmful to the environment. I think they will eventually be longer lasting at a more reasonable price. My company, Eco Home Store, has entered discussions with Vu1 to include their products at our website, that’s how strongly we feel about the product. Stay tuned.